today in german class we watched the movie “Das Leben der Anderen” – or “The Life of Others”. It’s on Netflix and though it’s in German it is subtitled and I highly recommend it.

last week in german class an older classmate exploded after a particularly difficult exercise in listening comprehension. It was a recording of a reporter in Berlin on the night the wall fell, interviewing those who were coming from the East through the border crossings to the West, and asking those people how they felt. the classmate said he liked our text and workbooks just fine, but the audio CD had to go – it was too fast, too hard to understand, etc

my teacher kind of ranted at him and pointed out he’s been in german classes nearly 10 years now.. that he doesn’t ask when he doesn’t understand things..

if I was still in ‘beginner’ after 10 years, I’d feel frustrated, too.  not that I’m trying to feel superior or claim I’m better – but I feel as though we could be challenged a bit more. I know it’s difficult to teach a class with widely varying levels of student, so I can’t blame my teacher. It wouldn’t hurt us to feel dumb a little bit of the time, make some mistakes, be forced to ask questions, and do a little work on our own. I get the feeling some of the older people in the class are just doing this as their evening out of the week.

when I’m independently wealthy…