I would really like to do some traveling, but it’s not in the cards right now. With jbeans new job we’ll just have to wait. So Xmas in Europe 2012 (hoping)..

I am thinking it would be cool to do a bit of touring in germany first, from early to mid-December. I have always wanted to visit a Weihnachtsmarkt (christmas market) in Germany….

I remember encountering a lot of pedestrian only areas in the cities and towns I visited in the UK and Europe and thinking how cool they were with their little shops and stands filled with regional fare. They were such relaxed, cozy, and welcoming areas…. Take that area, decorate it, and stuff it with traditional christmas presents and foods, and you have a Weihnachtsmarkt.

It sure beats the cement unfeeling jungle we have here during xmas season, with all our big box stores… So much traffic… and everyone shopping is just pissed off and trying to get things done at the expense of anyone else who may be in their way.

Anyways, after bumming around (German also has a verb bummeln! – same meaning haha) we’d
meet up with our friends in Mainz, and continue on to Sweden with them to spend the rest of the holidays with M & R near Stockholm. Mats says Sweden is lacking in culture but I’m still curious as to how the Swedes spend Christmas – no less a mixed group of Germans, a swede, and a Dutch girl.. Lots of traditions mixed in, no doubt.

I hope it all works out. It’s a long ways away but I’m sure another year will have come and gone before we know it