I don’t think Amy Winehouse deserves to be considered part of the legendary 27 club with musicians like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. But anyways.

summer is too short for all the stuff everyone tries to stick into it.


I did a lot of checking into moving to Germany. I figured out the procedure and what paperwork would need to be done. My wife wouldn’t need to jump through any real hurdles to live with me. We could bring our dog. I could arrange to have had my job waiting for me when I come back, I can learn German to the point I can integrate, and I could certainly find a job (I had a lot of interest in my stepstone.de profile).  In the end my mortgage is the show stopper. Even with a renter in our house, I wouldn’t be able to afford a mortgage in Canada and rent an apartment in Germany. I absolutely want to keep the house but my mortgage is pretty tight and doesn’t allow me to take a ‘rainy year’ away from payments or anything like that, so I’m stuck.

so that ends that, but I did my best to figure out what it would take to make it work.

not that I’m done travelling.. I was looking up a 3 week immersion course in Hamburg .. or the possibility that my next vehicle will be a volvo and I can do this whole European Delivery deal where I pick up the car in Goteborg, Sweden, drop it off somewhere it Germany, and have it shipped to Canada from there. I am still keen on seeing Hamburg and experiencing Christmas in Europe.  and do the Swedes still sauna in mid-winter? that would be pretty cool too.

ok, all done for today. more later. you’re the boss applesauce.