At first I thought I wanted a dog that was balls to walls hyper and happy, but now I realize how our cool, calm little dude is a perfect fit for us.

And at first every new dog is like a eager little brick,  some things take infuriatingly long to teach them, but they try their best. It’s once they ‘get’ how to learn though, it’s magical how quickly they will pick new things up.

Just yesterday I just started to teach him a ‘play guitar’ trick on the heels of my dad telling me he made a list, and came up with 38 different words or phrases Boo already understands.  Let’s count:

  1. Come
  2. Move
  3. Sit
  4. Down
  5. Wait
  6. Stay
  7. Sit Pretty
  8. Figure Eight
  9. Spin
  10. Wave
  11. Shake paw / shake other paw
  12. Be cute (lays his head on your lap and looks up at you)
  13. Look at me (look at your face, ignore everything else)
  14. Somebody farted (covers paws with nose)
  15. Play dead
  16. Off
  17. Up
  18. Under
  19. Over
  20. Through
  21. Heel
  22. Front (move from heel to in front of handler)
  23. In your house (kennel)
  24. On your bed
  25. Stop (stop moving or whatever he is doing)
  26. That’s enough (barking)
  27. Puppy (pointing out another dog)
  28. Watch (a bigger or possibly aggressive dog is nearby, be careful)
  29. Go say hi (releases him to go investigate a strange dog)
  30. Whisper
  31. Speak
  32. Jump
  33. Find Mom
  34. Find Dad
  35. Find it
  36. Take it
  37. Leave it
  38. Drop it
  39. Touch it
  40. Touch it with your paw
  41. Take a bow
  42. Treat
  43. Drink
  44. Go Potty (#1)
  45. Get Busy (#2)
  46. Play guitar
 Considering he also has a vocabulary in hand signals and whistles you have to admit that’s pretty impressive. I’m so proud of our little dude.