I think we’ve all heard Elmer Fudd reads Porno. It got me to thinking : What would Yosemite Sam sound like during an orgasm?

Just thinking out loud.

I’m still working on Germany stuff. My initial lead was to work for a friend’s company..but he may not be working for them much longer. So I have to attack this from another angle. I suppose I have the option to look at other locales in Germany in which to work..

Thinking about the options, we absolutely loved Cologne, so that option may stay open. Berlin seemed hyper interesting and is cheaper to live in, but doesn’t somehow appeal to me to work in. Munich and Frankfurt are quite expensive and likewise don’t appeal much to me from a working and living perspective.

Hamburg is somewhere I’ve never been but heard a lot of good feedback about. Bonn, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Dresden, Hannover, and Essen are other places that I haven’t been yet that interest me..but know very little about. Basically I’m looking to earn well, have a decent standard of living, have lots of options for sightseeing and things to do, a bit of local culture, good “IT” prospects..

In the process I have dusted off my 6 year old resume.. and after looking over the projects I’ve been involved with and the work I’ve done I feel more confident in getting a position somewhere.  The only issues are that Europe prefers to use the Curriculum Vitae format over the North American resume format, so I had to adapt to that.

The other issue is translating to German. Let me tell you, the job search field is ample opportunity to learn crazy new vocabulary! (gems like Lebenslauf,  Einstellungstest, Vorstellungsgespräch, Gehaltsvorstellungen). I think I will drop my CV first in English on German job search sites, and see what response I get..thankfully I have some super-smart and generous German Kontakte with whom to help me with the translation.

I also confirmed my mortgage DOES NOT have an option to delay payments a year, which is a setback, but I can work around that. I also need to see if there is an option to do a ‘trading places’ situation with another Hamburg resident.

My german class is likewise going well. At first I was worried going into a intermediate class that I would be in over my head.. but now I wish I had some more advanced classmates participating. There is some absolutely atrocious pronunciation going on, and the general level of confidence and vocabulary of my classmates to speak in German is lacking a lot. I will readily admit I’m far from ready to be dropped into German life at my current level, but mein Gott! A little competition between my classmates and I would motivate me a little more.

Wrote too much already! Will be back soon to write more!

Also, tschüß! (byebye!)