there is an east indian and karachi restaurant on 8th street I frequent called Spicy Bite.. they do lunch and dinner buffet as well as menu offerings. they have a honeyed saffroned almonded rice pudding there that kicks ass. I would recommend the restaurant if you’re:

  • in toontown
  • looking for something different than the usual
  • ok with a bit of spicy

I called the german consulate this week… Germany is stereotypically bureaucratic, and struggling with a multitude of EU non-native workers as it is. I expected there to be a lot more hassle and paperwork required to be able to live & work there as a Canadian.. but it doesn’t seem that big a deal based on what I was told. I also found a couple full-immersion type German courses in Hamburg, that place you with a host family. These type of courses would be very intensive and helpful, I may follow up on them regardless of what happens.

my fellow studenten at the german class made and signed a congratulatory wedding card for us, and my boss has scheduled a cake and coffee thing for me at the staff meeting next week. I don’t think I’ve been congratulated so much in my life.

and the pictures did turn out great.. besides the 250+ amateur shots from our guests, at least 10% of the professional shots (of over 1000) are being considered for prints. It’s going to be difficult to narrow it down. I think we will want a big framed picture for the wall in the house, some for our scrapbook,  and some for the guest book we plan to have this summer at our reception.

next entry I think I will blog our travel diary. it will probably job my memory and yours a bit on the week that happened (what seems) so long ago.