through my german teacher I got the contact info for the Honorary Consulate for Germany, here.

I got some initial info and have an appointment to talk with her next week. I think she’ll be able to answer nearly all of my questions, and anything she can’t answer I’ve got leads on.

so far the germans I have talked to all have good things to say about Hamburg.. however, other than Frankfurt I’ve rarely heard much in the way of criticism of any locale in Germany. in any case, good reviews!

hard to believe we’ve been back from the dominican a week already.  two weeks was stretching it for being at the same resort – but damn! this working for a living stuff and not being able to do whatever I want on my terms during the day is already old. the anticipation for the next big trip is something nice to look forward to. (Jamaica? Germany? Sweden?)

that’s it for now though. TGIF.