well,the wedding and the honeymoon are over. it was a great holiday – joanne’s list will be different – but some of my highlights are:

  • getting to take friends and family on a holiday. it seemed in the first week no matter where on the property we went we would meet up with someone from our group and the party would snowball from there  (we would continue to add more to our group as the evening went on). I enjoyed being part of the ambling entertaining drunken laughing mass.
  • the people in our group. It made me a bit sad a couple days post-wedding knowing that particular group would never be together again. In my perspective everyone got along great and made the most of their vacation time together and separately. I liked getting the chance to hang out and get to know people better absent the stress of the wedding. As we get older, it seems time spent with friends is farther and fewer between.
  • my wife. it feels comfortable saying that already. I can be with her, travel with her, live with her and love her without any effort. The decision to ask her to marry me has been the easiest one I’ve ever made and the the best to boot.
  • Singing ‘Hey Jude” on the train – and hearing several people around the resort humming it to themselves the next day not knowing where they heard it from
  • Getting more conversational practice with German.. thanks Roos & Mats, and that couple from Frankfurt on the scuba boat for allowing me to work on my broke ass Deutsch. It’s hard to describe the thrill in being able to exchange and understand more than “hello how are you” and “I’ll take the sauerkraut please”
  • Walks on the beach. Man, I could walk the length of that span of white soft sand every morning
  • Having the restaurant staff and our group applaud as we came in for the wedding supper
  • Getting random well wishes from people we walked by on our wedding day
  • My Dominican twins in the Gabi – Pedro and Pedro, (we were the three Pedro amigos) and the market guy Tito, who bought and shared with us a big bottle of El Presidente on the beach. So many great people all over the world!

Honestly, the vacation is already a blur, it’s hard to pick out individual things even now. I’m glad Joanne was vigilant filling our travel journal out and we have some many pictures to remember the time by. Thank you all for being a part of the day.