was just at the doctor yesterday and was asking about anything additional in the way of vaccines or immunizations I may need for the Dominican – mainly concerned about Cholera. He looked at me conspiratorially and whispered “You will never hear this from another doctor – but – eat and drink only pizza and beer and you will be fine. Stay away from fruits and vegetables and all that stuff.”

his reasoning was that pizza is well cooked before it comes out, killing most nasties, and beer in a can (that you open yourself), is quite clean and highly monitored for quality. his plan  makes sense to me, but on a diet like that for two weeks I will likely have more issues to discuss with him when I get back. there are people that can only eat one slice of pizza per meal, but I have a really hard time stopping at one . the same goes for cold beer when it’s downright hot and humid where I’m drinking it.

When I think about all the travel I’ve done and the trip ahead, I’m glad to have had the chances I’ve had. I think we really are in the golden age of travel right now, or we’ve just past it.  We know without a doubt fuel costs will increase, thus always increasing the cost of travel. Airlines continually take more and more away from travelers to keep costs down. Add to that the increasing hoops we have to jump through (think security, new additional costs above those of the flight, layovers) to get to where we’re going on a plane – it will never get any better than it is now. I will enjoy it while it lasts..