home ownership can bring a new shine to familiar activities. yard maintenance, installing general stuff, keeping everything clean and in it’s place, hosting events – they all seem to have become more enjoyable now that we have a place of our own to do them in or to.

one turd that can’t be polished, however, is shoveling snow.  the familiar backache and chill in my snow filled boots just didn’t get any more pleasurable. I am glad looking forward that the temperatures will be back above zero so I won’t have to experience it again for some time. on the other hand, the current weather does seem to build a certain amount of anticipation for hot sun and beach in january.

with the weather this cold and blustery, I don’t think I will be walking to german class tonight. In a previous blog I alluded to the fact I didn’t enjoy giving oral presentations in front of the class. Our previous assignment was to present a mock weather report for any german city of our choosing. I naively thought that was the last speaking assignment I would have up in front of the class. wrong.

this week our homework was to review corrections to our report by the teacher, and tonight, to present the corrected weather report from memory. not only that, but we’re supposed to get up and talk about the geography in a german region of our choosing this time as well. ugh. Being as I had by far the longest weather report you can be damn sure my report text will be ganz kurzer this time!

“In Nordrhein-Westfalen gibt es Flüsse, Wälde, und Hügel.  Ende. Danke.”

Wonder if that will get a passing mark.