i recently started p90x again…well, my version of it. I do my own weight sessions but use the cardio sessions from p90x. I can tell you that if you don’t stretch your hamstrings before you do a bunch of squatting and plyometric exercises you will be very sorry the next day.

also recently got a big unexpected raise and now I feel like I don’t do enough at work to deserve it. sometimes you toil away for a couple years with nary an increase in sight and then you’re almost begging for it.

the case this year is that I got an “economic increase” a month ago (a very slight bump to compensate employees given cost of living increases/inflation).. and just yesterday add onto that an additional sizeable ‘market compensation’ bump – basically bringing you up to same salary level of your peers doing the same job at other institutions or private companies.

not that I’m complaining – every time you turn around there’s something new you have to open your wallet for. i think I am going to share a bit though.. my pa in particular has been so supportive recently that I think I’m gonna get him a nice recliner for our place, so he and mom can stay over if they want.  Dad can’t sleep lying down (sleep apnea) so I think that would be a good gift.

christmas is coming up, too, but what do get people who always buy whatever they want when they want it? maybe I can get a voucher for a group excursion at our upcoming wedding for something we can all do together.

lastly, I will be back at the drums – playing a company christmas party again. it’s quite easy to play to a house of drunk christmas revellers you know – they have low expectations and ample appreciation no matter how you play, or what you play. it was fun last year, but I gotta watch all that party food.. there’s no shortage of things that can set a diet off track during that season.