so now, in the home stretch. painting is going on this weekend – the last high cost thing we have budget left for, to ‘do’ to the house.  sure, there’s lots of little things that need doing like window kits installed, and new weatherstripping on the doors, but otherwise we are set for winter.

jBean and I are breaking with tradition and having family over to our place for thanskgiving..I don’t think TGD has been held away from mom&dad’s since my sister was born. I think it will be welcome change. Mom usually works all day in the kitchen, and since she’s still recovering from knee surgery ATM I wouldn’t want her doing all that standing and shuffling around.

normally a first attempt at any large menu would never reach the tasty quality mom produces, so we decided to order a thanskgiving meal from dinner rush in saskatoon.

Fresh prepared, just reheat. Check this menu out:

  • Feta & Spinach Stuffed Turkey Breasts
  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes
  • Pistachio Carrots & Maple Glazed Green Beans
  • Potato-Rosemary Artisan Bread with Roasted Red Pepper Butter
  • Brandied Pumpkin Pies!

dayum! we may have trouble after this year getting mom to make another TGD meal!

there’s a scant three months left until our wedding. we got a little surprise last week – we were informed we weren’t going to be able to take a direct flight, Sunquest’s flight provider decided this summer to not fly AT ALL to the dominican from western canada (WTF?) Fortunately, our travel agent went to bat and got substitute travel arranged and some extras to boot. I think we will do ok, although it adds to the travelling time and subtracts from the coco loco time.

I just booked Boo today for boarding over that time..I hope he will be ok. He normally does daycare at the place I booked,  so it shouldn’t be too stressful on him. I know I will miss my weird little independent dude while we are gone those two weeks.

still daydreaming of our recent vacation in Europe. ohh…that german food..I have started a new german class this fall so I keep up learning the language. It was great being a lot more confident in the language and being able to gauge how far I’ve come since the last trip. Learning a language is the hardest thing I’ve done, and it needs so much time invested, but it continues to reward me, even though not very often. I also feel less like a dumbass when I’m involved in international circles and my language is the common denominator, whilst everyone else is bilingual up to quadralingual.

ok, gotta get back atter. keep your brooms stiff.