so, back to the less compressed format. I dropped facebook and have to admit at times that I miss it. it’s a good thing jb is so generous of sharing of her facebook profile and I can snoop from time to time and make sure the world hasn’t truly quit revolving.

so much has changed since my last entry. in band, out of band, in country, out of country, moved, found hobby, forgot hobby,getting married and so on.  I struggle to comprehend sometimes how my life has taken me to this point and  figure out what twists and turns resulted in where I am.

noch einmal nach europe – in particular germany and sweden this year. I’ve said it in confidence and maybe in wider circles – but a lot of the times I don’t feel like I quite fit in here. if there’s a country that makes sense to me and makes me feel more like my skin fits right, it’s good old Germany. it’s my third trip now and I’m probably naive and seeing what I what to want see.. maybe it was a 2nd generation Spanish immigrant serving me that schnitzel and bratkartoffel. but it’s just one of those places I could put down roots if things were different.

this has really been a full year – remind me next year if I decide to move, travel, and get married that it’s too much for one year. I like the transition though – it’s always fun to move into a new stage of life and be presented with something new. wedding decisions and home renovation quandaries seem to me, better problems than, ‘finding the coolest bar in town’, and ‘figuring out what it is you want to do with your life’.

I’m inexperienced and must declare defeat. I would go for a doogie howser ending but that would be cliche and so not my style. until later.