continuing on the thresh subject from yesterday…I sold my drumset – the guy will be picking it up today. I’m quite happy about that, because they went fast, and they went for the price I wanted. Selling things on kijiji has turned out well for me so far.

One thing you have to put up with when selling on internet classifieds – is that there is always somebody who will see the price you ask for, and then make an absolutely ludicrously low offer to you.. to the point you have to wonder if they’re making the bid just to piss you off.

I advertised my drums for $1600. More than reasonable considering they are under 2 years old, in great condition, and are worth over 3 grand new. One guy emails and asks if I will take $800 for them. Uh, no. Please make an effort to appraise the item and submit a bid that makes sense.

A digital camera I sold recently was advertised for $60 and I had two people asking if I would take $10 for it. $10? Why don’t I just give it to you then? It will cost you more in gas to come to my apartment to pick up the camera and drive back!
I think in some people the need to barter outweighs common sense…. on the other hand, I wonder if these people just go around kijiji and send lowball bids in on everything they can, then turn around and sell on ebay for a profit? Who knows.