As with many of my blog titles, I can’t claim I had the intelligence to craft today’s – it belongs to a spam message I recently got. Even though spam is a pain in the ass, it does have a certain humor attached to it.

I have reached the pinnacle – I hit thirty a couple weeks back and nothing bad happened. Mind you, if I am now part of the thirty something cult I claimed existed before I reached thirty – I couldn’t tell you what happened anyways. I have noticed I’m not in as great a physical shape as I used to be. My damn knees and elbows have been bothering me for a while.

My knees I attribute to playing drums.. the last 6 months in Thresh they would always be sore the day after rehearsals or shows. I tried changing a bunch of things, my stool’s height, my angle to the drums, the bass drum pedal’s angle to me – to alleviate the problem but I couldn’t seem to find anything that did the trick.

Seeing as I finished my last show with Thresh last week Thursday though, maybe things will improve. The last show, at band warz, was quite anticlimactic. 8 bands played, 6 rock bands, 2 metal bands. The judges eliminate two bands a night, and guess who they eliminated last thursday?

Now let me say first that rock describes the genre of music the other bands played, it is NOT an adjective that describes how good those bands were. They did NOT rock. In fact, one of the bands of the night was brought back after having been eliminated in the first round, because another band bowed out. To sum up those bands – unimaginative rehashed simplistic music. Now, I don’t have a problem with simple music, if you can:

  • Play it to perfection
  • Do something unique with your look, your sound, or your performance
  • Display some showmanship

Be far from it for these bands to do any of those things, though. I realize Thresh wasn’t radio friendly, broadly accessible, nor were we writing ‘catchy’ tunes. However, we were professional, tight, and put on a good show…If those bands, that the judges voted were better than us, are the future of Saskatoon music, I shake my head in disbelief. I am kind of frustrated that the band had to end their career on that note, but in a way it kind of epitomizes the roller-coaster ride that was Thresh. And thus ends another chapter in my life.