Guten tag, und herzlich wilkommen zum mein blog.

Lordy, thirty is creeping up on me.. a handful of days and I will reach the age of maturity. Right? I know Joanne wants to make it a special celebration but I really couldn’t be bothered to get too excited.. I’ve downplayed birthday celebrations for some time now.  Joanne unknowingly added another reason not to enjoy the age – she brought up how you are asked to pick an age bracket when filling out forms. I can no longer select the 21-29 range! It’s like I can’t be lumped in with the younger crowd anymore =(

Not that I hate the thought of turning thirty and want to deny that I am getting old(er).. I believe in older and wiser. The more a person deals with people in their teens and early twenties, the more you thank your lucky stars you don’t have to suffer the trappings of that age class anymore.

I’ve always wished that just once, on my birthday, that all the snow would be gone. It’s getting pretty close in the city but it looks like they’re forecasting more snow for tomorrow. Damn! It looks like I may have to wait another year.

Tomorrow will be Thresh’s farewell show . My mom and dad are coming out for the show, and I bet it will be nothing like anything they’ve seen in their days of watching live music :p  I wonder if I’ll have to answer questions as to why our audience tries to hurt each other and why we belittle them.

The more I think about it, and I’ve had a lot of time to think about it – the more I come to the conclusion quitting the band was the right thing to do. Everybody is in store for bigger and better things than before. I would do it all over again, for sure. Maybe differently.

I’ve got to get my old body up and out of here. Smell ya later.