yanno, there’s few fast food places I frequent anymore, especially the burger joints. I don’t even know how long it’s been since I’ve last been to an A&W, Wendy’s (that isn’t colocated with a Timmies), McDonald’s, or BurgerKing (eww).  We order or go out for a rare pizza here and there from PizzaHut or Family Pizza, or some other third place. In trying to stay slim I generally avoid them all – but there is one fast food joint that is my kryptonite, and that is Quizno’s.

Honestly, I don’t care for any other sub sandwich places, but Quizno’s is the shit. The weird thing is, it’s not like it’s doing something insanely different than other sub places. Their toasted sub concept has been copied by now, and the fresh deli meat, fresh baked bread, and the ‘you choose toppings’ approach is standard. I don’t know what it is about that place, but I’m drawn there. Just today I saw they introduced a new sub, which is exactly like an existing sub, except for having a different kind of mushroom. Even given how unexciting that development is, I found myself fighting urges to elbow into pole position and hump the bread.

Unfortunately, I usually go nuts on one particular kind of food and burn out, and sadly Quizno’s will likely suffer the same fate. I hope it’s a good long haul..because I don’t know what will possibly supplant my current favorite.

In other news, does anyone else think Heather Mills was entitled to the 48 million dollars the judge awarded her today as a divorce settlement? Sure, the child in the situation needs to be taken care of, but doesn’t the 70k a year the judge also ordered Paul McCartney to pay cover that? What in holy hell did she do in their 6 year relationship to feel she deserved 48 million dollars on top of that? I hope it goes to something other than just herself.