if you listen closely, you can hear the fat lady quietly singing.

Last week I decided to leave Thresh after two years of being in the band. I think there were a number of factors (in no particular order of importance) that helped me make the decision :

  • I was just plain burnt out on Thresh. Not on the guys, but on the band.
  • I came to the conclusion the ‘business’ of a band wasn’t why I was in a band, and it made me feel like Thresh’s version of Mick Mars. Writing, arranging, and hanging out in the rehearsal space was what did it for me. Shows and schmoozing weren’t were my heart was at. Compromise has to happen in any group for it to remain functional, but these guys deserve more of a shared vision and focus.
  • The prospect of the time needed to be spent again on auditions/retraining/rewriting/and acclimatizing to another singer seemed daunting to me. Being in a band was a hobby for me to achieve some growth, and I had a hard time envisioning any new accomplishments within a half year window in the current situation, which would likely be stretched, due to summer and my trip to Europe.
  • Life has handed me some different opportunities I’d like to follow up on. Marty Ballantyne nailed it when he sang: "Time passes by, without consent or apology." I mentioned working on a book, but I’m also itching to get outdoors a bit, try some photography. There’s also always the ever present balance of staying healthy, maintaining relationships, learning german, finances, traveling, and work to round out my life.

I’ve now worked a rainbow of personalities and Mark
and Dan are tops. It was impossible to come into a reh feeling shitty
because of life’s troubles, and leave in the same mood. Not only did
they have big personalities and weird complimentary senses of humor
(that I appreciated), but they got things done right, when they needed
to be done. They’re at a level of musicianship that is untouched by any
other Saskatoon individual players I’ve seen, and many outside
Saskatoon to boot. When you top that off with the fact that they are
good friends, good dads, and just plain good people, forgetting the
difficult personalities and situations comes a lot easier.

I hear Mark and Dan are planning to continue on together with a new band and new music, and that’s really exciting on all counts. I think some new perspectives and shared vision will hone their craft greatly. Given their playing and writing has improved dramatically from when Thresh began, I know there will be some great fresh new inspirational metal from these guys soon.

To conclude – the fact that it’s over is still surreal and it will be a hard change, but I think it will be for the best for everyone, and I’m excited for what’s next.