January 21st, the most depressing day of the year (as labelled by a researcher), has passed us by. Safe for another year!

in other happy news, I AM getting a raise – the word through the grapevine turned out to be correct. it’s a ‘cost of living’ type increase but it’s a good bump. to top that off I have a performance review in February and I may get adjusted after that, too.

which is good, because my credit card is full, and not from that selfless type Christmas spending! (Each individual in our family has the means and impatience that they buy what they want the instant they want it. it makes for difficult Christmas shopping). No, my credit card is full because I intelligently realized the most depressing day of the year was coming and decided to block it with the entirely selfish purchase of some serious material goods. Having more ‘stuff’ always equates to long term happiness doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

lastly, I wanted to weigh in on a dog attack that occured nearby – I feel like I have something important to say, and here hopefully people will read it. I invite your comments.

  1. Why own a dog if it’s just going to be chained in the backyard all day? A powerful and energetic rottweiler-collie cross needs plenty of exercise and socialization, and would easily get frustrated in such a setting, as any human would.  With a sheltered life like that it’s understandable the dog wouldn’t have learned proper social cues around humans. Imagine the stress on a dog who’s not used to being around children – their high pitched screaming, and their need to tug on tails, ears, and hug or put their faces to dogs’.  The highest percent of dog bites happen to children, and that’s why! There needs to be not only more education here for owners, but it’d also be nice if all elementary children learned some proper dog interaction skills.
  2. Having said that – why are these kids going into someone else’s property?  Opening the gate and just wandering into a yard of somebody that’s not at home? Hasn’t the mother told her daughter not to go in there and mess around without someone supervising them? To respect other people’s property?
  3. If this is such a vicious dog, why was another child able to stop the attack by calling the dog off? I don’t know all the details, but it sounds to me like a frightened, poorly socialized dog acted the only way dogs can when confronted. They can’t vocalize their concerns, all they have is their teeth to protect themselves. I’m happy the child wasn’t more seriously injured.
  4. If you start banning breeds, where does it end? Responsible dog ownership and management is the cure to these tragedies.

I’m fired up about this. I’m sure through a lot of public and social pressure the dog will get put down, but it’s ludicrous it had to come to that.