I have just begun work on our second annual Christmas newsletter. Both Joanne and I had thought we took it easy this year, but after I reviewed my gmail from January 1st until present, I decided that wasn’t the case. Lots of goings on in 2007.

One of our future plans is a trip to Europe – it’s long been on the wish-list, and now things are starting to solidify. Joanne and I met with our friends Chris and Susan from Calgary (who are joining us on the trip) and we’ve decided on a loose itinerary. We’re planning to start in Munich,Germany for the end of Oktoberfest, then go on to Austria, the Czech Republic (for Prague), and Amsterdam in the span of two weeks. My friend Mats will try to join us for a while, and Chris and Susan may also have friends of theirs from Stuttgart joining us.

Since we’ve got an idea where we’re going I’ve got plane tickets paid for. The best part is yet to come, the planning of the details, and the doing. The places we’ve decided to go to look like they will be so much fun. I believe we’ll either arrive at trip’s end sick of sightseeing, or they’ll have to physically force us in the plane to come back to Canada.

German classes are going well so far, I am trying to fit in extra listening and learning in the gym every morning, too. I find that my brain just doesn’t process things as quickly as I’d like yet. I read somewhere that by the time we are adolescents we’ve accumulated over 80,000 words in our vocabulary, not to mention all the grammar that goes with those words. My challenge is picking up a chunk of that vocabulary and grammar in a different language and finding someplace in my head to stuff it all. 

Oops, I had a short interlude there where a guy was trying to over-inflate the system requirements for a damn web server. Fuckin’ guy. Anyways.

The pouncing puppy purchase plan is practically complete. We will be visiting a Coton de Tulear breeder on Dec 30 to meet our potential puppy’s parents, and I now have most of the money set aside for the purchase. We are excited to welcome a new member to our family! This will be the first of many – now that I know Joanne is a dog person I have a wish-list for the next 40 years that includes a Golden Retriever, an Airedale Terrier, a Shiba Inu, a Great Dane, a West Highlands White Terrier, a Old English Sheepdog, and a Schnauzer. Hehe.

Speaking of new members of the family, last weekend when we were home my parents were dropping some serious grand-children hints. I guess they were having coffee with their peers, and the conversation was on how wonderful their grandkids are and how many everyone has. Since my older sister doesn’t have any children, and my younger brother is newly single, that makes us a prime target for hint dropping. It was both awkward under the scrutiny, and also kind of funny, because it allowed for a bit of teasing on our part.

Oh oh oh, and last but not least, I will doing some country and golden oldies drumming once again. My bassist’s dad’s band asked me to join them again, this time for a gig in a small southern town bar for new year’s eve. It’s a little insane because the set list is 45+ songs deep, but the good thing is that none of them are over 3 minutes long or present any serious difficulty (so far) to learn. Sometimes it’s hard to hold back on making things more complicated than the song requires though, and it’s always interesting learning out how each individual approaches the tunes.