I like that people don’t know how to change their facebook settings to lock down privacy. All your porn are belong to me!

thursday it’ll be 3 weeks since I had my laser surgery. my eyes are
still quite dry, and I’m still doing a drop in each every hour to keep
’em lubed. They do tend to get tired more quickly during the day.

had a good appointment one week after the surgery with my optometrist.
I had been feeling sorry for her, that she might pocket scads of my
money after this surgery like she used to…turns out of the total cost
of my surgery she pockets 20% to provide "post operative care" for one
year. turns out that year of care amounts to 5 visits lasting 15
minutes each. I should’ve known – those optometrists will always make
sure they get theirs.

The prognosis is good. My eyes are
healing well and I have 20/20 combined vision (closer to 20/25 in
either eye, I think) , which is incredibly better than the 20/200 or
whatever I could see before. Basically, I would’ve had to hold the
biggest letters of the chart up 1 foot from my face before to see
them..now they are clear. I really notice the difference outside, I
don’t know if I’ve even seen this clearly before, it’s awesome.

the last month I’ve been doing a lot of shopping on ebay. My first
experience with ebay 4 years ago was not a good one so I had kind of
filed ebay away as a non-worthwhile service. Basically I tried to bid
on something that was too good to be true, and then didn’t end up
paying on the auction, and ebay and the seller got mad at me. In the
last couple years though, my brother had been having success with it,
and I’ve always been drawn to shopping online instead so it’s a good
fit for me.

I am now hooked. There’s a bargain hunter in me
– I relish getting a better price than your average joe, especially on
electronics – because electronics superstores bend you over so often.
It’s like Lisa Simpson said – "I’m proud of you.You’re like Christopher Columbus. You discovered something millions of people knew about before you."