That was a good thanksgiving weekend – nice and relaxing – which was just what the doctor ordered.

My laser eye surgery went well – quickly, as a matter of fact. The weird thing is the laser sounds kind of like a miter saw – that didn’t help being I was in the waiting room to hear 4 surgeries before I got to go in. However, I was given a sedative before which helped to calm me down.

Once in surgery, I was given drops to numb one eye, and a speculum was used to hold my eyelids open during the procedure, then they laid me down on a chair underneath a blinking light. Marks were made on both sides of my eye with some sort of drawing utensil and then all around my cornea (which really tickled, it was additionally to funny for me to think someone was drawing on my eyeball, and I was paying for it)

A suction cup/microkeratome was then slapped on my eyeball and a circular flap cut was made on my cornea – this exposes the part of the cornea the laser needs to burn away to properly shape my eye.


This was undoubtedly the most uncomfortable part of the process, as the suction cup pressurizes your eye to lift the cornea, so the blade can slice through a thin layer of it. It felt as though someone was doing a handstand on my eye with their thumb – I could feel the pressure all the way to the back of my skull, and it wasn’t what I would call gentle.

After that I was given a time to count down for the laser’s operation (58 seconds for my weaker left eye, 53 for my right eye), as the laser shaved off excess cornea. After the laser was done, the flap was replaced and smoothed into place and the eye thoroughly wetted with drops. Then the procedure was repeated with my right eye. It took all of about 15 minutes or less for both eyes and I was led to an exam room and given my supply kit for the following week. (Two different kinds of eye drops, sunglasses, instructions). I found I could see right away after the procedure but my vision was very hazy. Jellybean drove me home and I was instructed to rest in a dark room for at least 4 hours. Thank god for audiobooks on the ipod, I had a good time taking it easy.

In the days that have followed I’ve found my eyes to be quite dry, the drops have helped big-time there. I also have some light sensitivity issues – one night jellybean and I drove to Winnipeg and after about 20 minutes into the drive I found my eyes burned and watered and I had to close them. We also ended up driving into the sun coming back to Saskatoon and that really made my eyes itch and burn, too. From everything I’ve read and been told that sensitivity is supposed to lessen as my eyes heal so I’m just going to take it easy.

I’ve also read my vision will take a while to stabilize, maybe up to a month. As of now my vision is slightly better than I had with my glasses (which were one prescription behind) and my vision seems to be clearer every day with less dryness and itchiness. I am very pleased with the surgery and would definitely recommend it. Even though my eye car plan at work doesn’t cover Lasik, it’s tax deductible, woo!