i was just kidding, you don’t have to comment if you don’t want to. It’s nice to know people come and read though.

I can track visits on spaces, but facebook is all "let’s let people snoop anonymously" so the only way I really know if people read my entries on facebook is if they comment or tell me in person they do. so thanks for visiting.

last post my blog title was a question in german. It was: "Wie sagt man "I have injured my genitalia and need immediate medical attention" auf Deutsch?".

This means "How do you say ‘I have injured my genitalia and need immediate medical attention’ in German?". Deutsch means German, not dutch as you might think, and Germany is Deutschland. (doytsch-land). Not sure why that word in particular is used.

Anyways, I asked my german friend that question, and this is what he answered:

Ich habe mich in meinen Genitialbereich verletzt und brauche medizinische Versorgung.

This, literally translated word for word, means:

I have me in my genitals hurt and need medical suppy.

So now you can see how the grammar and word order in German works. Crazy, eh?

I had a dream the other night that really made me worry about my upcoming laser eye surgery. In it, I went to the laser vision center for my consultation before surgery. I was discussing options with the doctor, and in the background the nurse was laying out the tools for the surgery – and there was all sorts of crazy evil tools, scalpels and stuff. I kinda got worried and asked the doctor "The surgery is done entirely with laser, right?" And he goes "Oh no, first we have to hollow out and scoop out your pupils and then cut your eye in half with this scalpel." YIKES!

But earlier on in the dream Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson got me to compare their vag’s, so I couldn’t take the dream very seriously. It still was a little scary though – definitely had serious heart palpitations going on when I woke up from that dream.