awesome. late last week our department got news that my most favorite coworker *sarcasm* has put in his notice. he’s not even moving on to another computer related job. My opinionated observations: He has taken a month and a half stress leave since January and has been getting progressively worse. he greets clients who call with "Yeah, what do you want?". He is a devoted brown-noser. He also has spent more time complaining about anything than doing actual work. I think he’d have less stress if he didn’t take the time to sigh loudly and freak out every time someone asks something of him. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I also can’t honestly say I will miss him. Gut, dass wir ihn los sind!

I am so jazzed that my laser eye surgery is coming up fast. In little more than a week I will be getting my eyes perfected! WOO!

That’s happens the thursday before thanksgiving weekend, and I have taken thursday and friday off, and also the following tuesday –¬† a good lonnnnng weekend to recuperate. We’re planning to head to manitoba during that time and visit with jbean’s sister. She’s my favorite relation on jbean’s side (the fact that she has two golden retrievers I can play with doesn’t hurt). Hopefully my recovery period isn’t too harsh and I am not having to be laid up during our visit.

if you saw the myspace page you probably noticed thresh’s singer, brad, has quit the band. I wish him well, and hope he finds some long-term happiness whatever he chooses to do next. We’ll continue to plug away to finish off material for the rest of the album (or even more, we’ll see) and start auditions up again asap..

I think that’s it. Life is nothing but fluffy clouds and puppies.