i have to very proudly and un-humbly admit that for the most part, I have been very productive this summer and have been usually way ahead of myself in terms of getting my projects accomplished and even responding to "suddenly needs done this moment". I am pretty stoked about that, even if it lends itself to some slack time where I could probably be doing ‘something’ but end up dazed listening to Rihanna’s Umbrella on repeat and searching for videos of dogs doing adorable tricks.

invariably in my line of work, all sorts of requests get bounced off my department to find a technical solution to a problem. some of these problems are real sticklers and really merit a good look. Some don’t. And, as in every line of work, sometimes your clients insist on a particular way of going about solving the problem, because they know better than we do.

some of these problems are caused by an exception to a rule and, if the right higher up makes enough noise we end up going through ridiculous contortions to provide a rushed inadequate solution.

case in point, there’s a site of ours that provides office space for 2 government liaison workers, and they absolutely insist on having electronic access to our internal website, for the sole purpose of seeing the site’s event calendar and daily announcements.

to do so we have to provide accounts for these guys, cut up security on the website so these two workers can only see what we want them to see, and then worry about how to manually manage when the government sends in different workers, one retires, etc.

I really don’t like (diplomatically) telling my boss that I don’t want to do something. It makes me sound lazy and uncooperative. But in this case, there are better avenues these guys can take to get the minute amount of information they need very easily. I loathe looking back in 2 years time at a swiss cheese internal website, a massive confusing mess because of all the exceptions we had to make for people that didn’t really care too much about what they were getting out of it anyways.

I am simply a proponent for finding better problems to solve. While I am not saying I am too big a cheese to solve smaller scale problems, my time can be much better spent.