two years ago today I met my jellybean. It’s gone so fast and so much has happened it’s almost hard to comprehend. I can safely say it’s been a most excellent two years..she’s the yin to my yang. There’s pieces to her that always make me want to improve, she gives me ridiculous support and direction, and there’s loads in common between us besides. There’s very few people who will get naked at a party with me, that my own girlfriend will do it without questioning it and trusting’s telling. (or maybe it’s a sign of how poorly formed our brains are..but.. we have a lot of fun together =0).

I love you Joanne – happy anniversary bum!

mushy stuff aside, I have to share with you a new method to get haircuts for free. And it’s easy!

You simply wait for the hairdresser to gouge out a chunk of your hair in the back when she slips with the razor, look at her all wide-eyed and scared and, bob’s your uncle, you get a haircut for free. The things I learn.