it’s been a while..but things kind of happen at a slower pace in the I’ve been taking it easy on the blogging.

a couple weeks ago we finally received our certification certificates and cards for our scuba course. now if only people could send us away to
Caribbean every month or so for us to practice =p

summer is almost a far away memory now, even though it’s still technically here.
the weather has been colder, rainier, and the leaves are starting to drop already. although I didn’t take any week or longer holidays, I did
have long weekends or extra long weekends up until now, which was enough. we have spent a bit of it relaxing at the lake or generally
being lazy – I know I read a buttload of books this summer.. in any case – I am hoarding my vacation time in anticipation of hunting
season, Christmas, our Europe trip next fall, and nearest on the calendar – laser surgery.

i am scheduled thursday october 4th to go in and get the surgery..after a few appointments, a lots of tests
and measurements (damn that puff of air in the eyes test! I HATE THAT!), and a bit of waiting, the surgeon called and told me I was a
good candidate for the surgery.

however, because of the level of correction required in my case I wouldn’t be eligible for further
correction. my vision deteriorated so quickly from grade 1 to grade 2 that I caused serious concerns for my optometrist – I had gone from
seeing without correction to near medically blind in the span of a year (20/150 was my rating, I believe). my vision deterioration has
continued since, but tapered off a lot when I stopped growing.

i imagine normal vision is something people take for granted, and probably something I will come to take for granted. even that act of being able to see
the alarm clock numbers when you wake in the middle of the night..or heck, being able to see where an item is when I drop it in the shower without dropping to my knees and doing a sweep with my hands. yes, it’s that bad.

not having the option to get follow up surgery definitely means reading glasses down the line, but the payoff is still worth it, to me. I’m excited to have the chance to do this.

this weekend jellybean and I celebrated our own international day as a way of boycotting folkfest’s lineups and prices. we observed (rather cynically) that most
of the pavilions had a type of sausage and beer in common – so we just bought a bunch of different sausage, made some tropical drinks, popped on some traditional random international tunes, dressed as though we were in the Caribbean, and watched travel channel most of the night. I think we had more fun, learned more, and spent less than going to

I could go on more but I’m going to save it for another entry. Ta ta!