looks like msn spaces has been newly updated, once again. and once again microsoft made it harder to do things you do often and made it more web v.2 ish. however, web v. 2 is gay if you don’t do it right. oh well, my heart will go on.

oh yeah, for all you facebookers – you can import your msn spaces blog entries automatically as you add them to spaces..saves copying and pasting. the only thing is that if you import the main feed (mine is http://corruptpeter.spaces.live.com/feed.rss, for example) it tries to import all your lists and stuff.

a better idea is to only import blog entries for a category of your choosing (such as one you usually write under) – I chose to import a rss feed for my ‘musings’ category – which looks like so – http://corruptpeter.spaces.live.com/category/musings/feed.rss . All you gotta do to start the wacky and wild import into facebook is go into applications/notes – then click on the link on the right hand side of the page titled ‘Edit import settings »‘ and enter the feed address you wanna import from:  (http://corruptpeter.spaces.live.com/category/musings/feed.rss in my case). voila – every time you post a blog in spaces under that category, facebook sucks it into it’s notes. the unfortunate thing about imported notes in facebook is that you can’t edit them and pictures don’t come in at all. don’t say I didn’t warn you.

those coming to me from saskatchewan-land likely already know 2 things:

a) It’s fucking hot (but it’s likely to be just as intensely cold this winter so you better enjoy it). Yesterday it was hotter and more humid in Saskatoon than it was in Punta Cana and Honolulu.  The temperature was a bit shy of the 45C in Kanadahar though – we didn’t get the pointiest end of the stick.
b) You are lazy. Update your blogs. Most of you have got something to say – you got a raise, you got drunk, passed out, and had something written on some body part with a felt marker, you accomplished something of importance, something. There are blogs over a year outdated. The least you could do is try. Wankers.

Summer is slow at the office – I am spending a bit of my time poochy loving, but then there’s the odd moment here or there where things are just crazy. Instead of taking a week or two off, I decided to take fridays and mondays for the better part of July, leaving me with a 3 day workweek.. so as you can imagine, stuff piles up for a few days I’m off, and I gotta take care of a whack of stuff every Tuesday. After everything settles down the rest of my week is mostly spent watching videos of puppies or metal bands on youtube. or metal bands whose members are puppies.

speaking of puppies, I made a deal with jellybean that once some of our financial stuff gets sorted we will look at getting a puppy. something small and unbearably cute and low maintenance. mostly we’re looking at at shitsu, maltese, bichon or some mix thereof. definitely not a pug or minpin or chihuahua though. I was thinking at first maybe a terrier breed but they are so high energy, and their shrill bark tends to cut glass; a terrier may not be best suited to our apartment.

further to the dog discussion, Saturday night I had to go and chat with the apartment owner below us. he’s got a dog in his suite that likes to bark for hours on end. It’s gotta be a large dog as it’s bark is deep and full – it even wakes jellybean with earplugs in. after listening to the dog from 6pm to midnight enough was enough.

i know I approached him a little sourly, so he went into a defensive mode. the guy first tried to give me the ‘there was someone with him all night so I don’t think it was *my* dog‘ and then he tried the ‘neighbours beside us never hear him so how do you?‘. then he tried to explain that he’s lived in apartments with this dog for 7 years and never had a complaint about the dog. next he claimed the landlord was over to listen at the door to see if he could hear the dog. lastly he tried to turn it around on me and claim we were the noisy ones with our loud tv on all the time. all the while we’re talking his full grown black Labrador is trying to get a peek and say hello. that’s a big frickin’ dog to have in an apartment.

I finally say "Hey, I’m here to talk to you because your dog is barking. I know I’m not imagining it, and it’s been going on regularly for some time. The floors and ceilings are thin in this building and that’s partly the problem, but there’s nothing we can do about that. Please take some steps to correct the barking, AND, if you ever have an issue with us, come and talk to us about us."

His mouth is stumped now for a while, and then he asks what I suggest to fix the problem.

Sheesh. Apartment living.

Maybe the trailer park is the place to be.