our bassist dan is getting married this weekend, and I promised to be part of the events schedule for the night. Dan and his dad are part of a golden oldies / country band and they wanted to do a quick set sometime during the reception..they usually perform with a fairly dull drum machine so I volunteered to be a part of the band for that set.

at first I was going to bring part of my acoustic kit, but it would’ve been a pain in the butt to carry pieces of it around and arrange and re-arrange it for thresh and the other band. so I rented an electronic kit. coupling the different style of music, different musicians, and hyper sensitive electronic drums, and I had a bit of a difficult first rehearsal. I think I’ve got the hang of it now, though…it takes a while to get the feel of how other people do things, and even be able to anticipate improvisations from the other guys.

I enjoy playing some of the tunes too – some of my dad’s favorite artists are on the lists and I found even though the songs are pretty dull they are always more groove oriented than the metal I play. I also appreciate the dynamic in the tunes..through thresh does change it up at times in songs with undistorted break downs, usually I am trying to achieve maximum levels (aka beating the fuck out of everything) at all times.

it’s hot in saskatchewan. i’m thinking I’m going to spend my day off tomorrow in an air conditioned bed store…just crawl into one of the display beds and pass out.