i have decided to change an area of the diet. milk. I’ve been finding, and hearing from other people, that milk doesn’t agree with me the way it used to. Perhaps as early as two years ago I drank 3 protein shakes a day with 2 cups of milk each and didn’t have any problems. now I’m finding even if the only milk I have all day is the splash in my cereal, my stomach is doing barrel rolls and I’m super farty. I wonder what has happened internally that’s made it so.

sure, we really don’t need milk – it’s really only supposed to be a nutrient rich mixture for each our earliest years..let alone cow milk is from another species that’s supposed to grow from 50 pounds to several hundred pounds in it’s first year.

i’m trying lactaid right now and it seems to be better. probably half a day is too quick to pass judgment though =p

other than that, just keeping the head down and pushing hard.

that last sentence kind of sounds sick now that I look at it in context with the rest of the entry.