what a crazy week thus far. my new vehicle was making a crazy badly broken sound tuesday night so I got ‘er in to the dealership for a look. nothing major though.

Wednesday night we went to pick up our gear for our scuba certification next weekend..our bedroom looks like a dive ship now with 4 wetsuits with the fixings, air tanks, weight belts, etc. Seeing that load of gear makes me look forward to the dives. We’re planning on heading up there with the tent and all the nifty camping gear I’ve acquired over the should be a hoot. Joanne has never camped before so that adds the extra bit of excitement to it. Checking the weather forecast today – it looks like +28 both diving days so we’re almost set. A couple of the dives is in a lake that they’ve sunk a bunch of stuff – there’s a toilet and an airplane and all sorts of neat stuff to see. There’s even supposed to be a bit of a treasure hunt – the previous year’s students sink stuff for us to find. FUN!

The band is doing ok..we got really close to getting a rehearsal space several times but it hasn’t worked out yet. It hurts my playing ‘cuz that’s our one rehearsal a week is the only time I have on my drums, and a lot of that time isn’t spent playing drums. Tapping pencils on a desk doesn’t quite cut it. We do have 4 shows in the next month and a half though, so it’ll almost be like extra rehearsal, except with less chance to work on new material.

Lastly, we’re entered for the Kinsmen home lottery and using the powers of our huge brains to make us win, all ‘secret’ style. Our brains will not be denied! Please donate your brain power to us, and visualize visiting Joanne, our friendly golden retriever puppy and I in our big beautiful new house. To help you visualize it, take a tour of the house first!

Make sure to include a puppy in your visualizations – attached is some visual stimulus. 🙂

That is all.