so this morning I was woken up by squeaka squeaka squeaka.

a very seriously loud squeaka squeaka squeaka. my knife fighting trailer park neighbours upstairs were getting it on.

at 4 am in the morning, on a Wednesday night.

and of course these wackos don’t have what would sound to be regular sex. Oh no, not these two. It was hardcore bed moving fucking for like 30 seconds, and then COMPLETE silence. I had hoped they were both tired and that was it, and was just getting back to sleep 5 minutes later, when…SQUEAKA SQUEAKA SQUEAKA! This continued on for the better part of the hour. Part of me was angry wanting to go back to sleep, the other part of me was curious if they had some sort of tantric teasing sex denial thing going on.

i fully understand sex is a ‘as the mood hits you’ kind of thing, but really.