Man, am I sick. At least I had a sausage sandwich from tim horton’s..that makes being sick a little more liveable.

the show this past weekend at calgary was good. it sort of made little sense to start with the gas prices being so high, and we were supposed to be opening the show. when we got there, we got bumped to third slot, sold a lot of shirts, put on a good show, got asked for an encore, had some drinks, and got paid. so it worked out pretty well. plenty of more people curious about what’s going on in Saskatoon, and it gave me a little wider knowledge of what’s going on out there. who’da thunk I’d like progressive middle eastern metal?

jellybean made a point I think was valid..that the youth sure expend their energy a lot more passionately when it comes to live music. we had a crowd of 20-30 somethings in front of us barely bobbing their heads. and yet people wantonly approach us after the show and exclaim how much they loved the music. shit, start a pit then or throw horns, or look alive, even. I know I’m being hypocritical here, as of the last few concerts I went to I wanted to sit in a chair the whole time and drink my beer quietly, and laughed at the kids in the pits getting dehydrated and tired and beaten throwing themselves around. It kind of makes me look bad to ask for that from my audiences but not give in return, now that I think about it. In any case, it’s good that we have a young singer that can go nuts and encourage that from his generational counterparts.

we also had a great weekend following the show, heading out to banff to gondola it on j’s facebook if you’re interested.