speaking more on the Virginia shootings..

recently saw Jon Stewart interviewing Ali Allawi (former Minister of
Defence in Iraq’s transitional government). It was kind of different
from any other Jon Stewart show – the interview was taking place a
short time after the Virginia shootings, and you could tell it weighed
on him. I’m not sure whether it hit him before the show or not, but he
pointed out in the interview the number of people killed at Virginia,
and compared it to a day in Iraq (one of the bloodiest days in the
‘war’, 150 killed). Jon tried to understand how Ali and the Iraqi people can deal
with violence and tragedy of that scale on a constant basis.

strange you can see the difference between the different losses of
human lives and their importance by the headlines they grab. Regardless
I think it’s sad in this day and age that these tragedies can occur – let alone daily – and whether it’s next door or across the

I wonder how often in our lives we’ll experience these things – and how
close they’ll hit to home. It’s too naive to hope things will change,
but maybe there’s a way to make it better?

You can watch some of the interview here..(http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/04272007/watch.html)