i just don’t understand panhandlers.

i’m headed downtown and this guy asks me for spare change…of course I say no. Then as I’m walking away he’s mumbling something about me being a cheap fucker or something. if your only source of income is people on the street, it’s probably not a good idea to be insulting them.

I think maybe the next time I’m asked for spare change I’ll ask if I can get a tax receipt from them and their GST number. Or maybe ask them if they have any spare change for ME.

my former co-worker had a funny experience with panhandlers. He was asked for spare change once and asked what the panhandler would be using the money for.

He goes "To buy a bus ticket to PA".

Luck would have it that Rob actually had bought a bus ticket to PA and was headed there that night. He hands it to the panhandler and goes – "There you go, a bus ticket to PA". The panhandler just thinks for a second..and replies "Uh, I mean I would buy soup". Yeah, he didn’t end up getting anything from Rob.

It would’ve been even funnier if Rob was carrying take-out soup with him. I wonder what the panhandler would say then.