welcome back – you horny perverts.

why is it that I can update 20 servers completely successfully and 1 of them will go horribly wrong that is identical to another server in the 20 that are successful? I don’t get it. oh well, watching progress bars is fun.

it seems my string of luck with saturn vehicles is holding the same pattern. last week I got a rock chip on my windshield that spread faster than any other chip known to man – currently after one week it has reached both ends of the windshield. the saving grace is that the crack started about from where the rear-view mirror is attached so it’s not blatantly eyesore-ish..but darn it, it’s only a month old. maybe I’ll have to buy outside the GM line next time just to test my luck with another brand – I didn’t have this kind of trouble with my ford.

i’m also starting to look forward to my laser eye surgery. I haven’t booked it or anything yet – hoping to have it by august. my damned glasses are bent to shit and my contacts are constantly dry and itchy and catch every foreign object in them they can. I know my optometrist would like me paying her year after year for the convenience of seeing her way, but enough is enough.

back to unwrecking this stupid server that wants to be different. different is not good for servers, by the way.