the 4/20 thresh show was fine and dandy. i can tell ya though – carrying massive amounts of equipment is getting old. we need some free roadies or burly groupies to get on the carrying end of things. i got to test out my OnStar service in my vehicle too, when I called jellybean to pick me up ‘cuz I was too drunk to drive home! I HAD FUN!

i thought then the rest of the weekend would be spent holding down the couch..but relaxation was not going to be in the cards…we found out as soon as I retrieved my vehicle saturday morning, that there was a flood emergency notice at jellybean’s mom’s cabin.

so out we went to sandbag..the waters were rising and are going to rise some more. 400 sandbags, 6 sheets of plywood, 90 shovelfuls of dirt, and a dozen two-by-fours later the cabin was saved. or at least in a way better position. and a mighty cheer rose up from the residents of the lake!

and then I farted.