mm…barbeques. i can’t wait for summer at the lake. BRING IT ON!

i’m slightly miffed at the media for their coverage of the virginia shootings this week. it seems like whenever a tragedy like this happens people have to find something to blame. look, this kid was messed in the head for a long time – he refers to the columbine shooters and himself as some sort of martyrs. he was in a nut ward for stalking fellow students and for having suicidal tendencies.

i know it’s hard to see really bad things happen – and you want to blame yourself or society or video games or something else, but there’s really one person to blame here – that’s the kid. there’s a maturity switch that should’ve lit up during the decision making process that says "maybe I should seek help for the bullying that’s going on instead of killing random people and myself". maybe this horrific series of events will draw more attention to bullying or social psychosis’..but isn’t there a better way to do that?