so, there was a bit of funny at the office this week. we got a pamphlet invitation to a seminar called "Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee Behavior". a few of us that are obviously perfect got together to discuss the behaviors that were listed. maybe you’ve worked or do work with someone with these traits?

Antagonist: Is rude and unpleasant to co-workers, vendors and customers.
Blameless Bob: Always has an excuse for everything.
Whiner: Complains no matter what he or she is asked to do.
Thumb-Twiddler: Lacks motivation and initiative.
Insubordinate Subordinate: Challenges you in front of other workers and managers.
Tortoise: Shows up late or not at all.
Amy Attitude: Has negative attitude that brings everyone down.
Hand-holder: Needs constant supervision.
Early Retiree: Has been around while and is beginning to practice on the job retirement.
Worrywart: Has personal problems that infringe on the workday.
Clock-Watcher: Refuses to work weekends or even a minute beyond "quitting time" – even during deadline crunches.

Though I sometimes can fit two of those, it’s not often. The crazy thing the few of us discussing discovered was that in our department of 20 or so people, at least each behavior had a person fitting it’s description…but even more startling – several people constantly exhibit more than 3 of them!

It’s like my entry on people wearing crazy clothes out of the you not know how you look and sound? Are you completely oblivious to those personality traits? Wow.