ugh, this training. i’m having a hard time staying conscious..i don’t pretend to know everything and I’m trying to listen, but it’s difficult. not enough coffee and sugar to keep me going..why can’t technical training involve co-ed nudity, trampolines and silly string?
and it’s not like it’s a vacation from work because I’ve been remotely logged in and fixing shit all week long anyways.

i’ve been passing out at 9 every night after getting bored with tv and reading..not exciting, but cost effective. downtown calgary has some interesting …culture… downtown after dark so I don’t want to accidentally end up in the wrong ‘hood or anything. but, i am headed out for dinner tonight with redec and his wife so that should break the’s been since like 2 years since I last visited with them so it should be cooool.

in other news, I’m gonna be turning one year older next week. whoa. i better hurry up with my midlife crisis purchase plan..

oops, instructor’s back!