so, as you can see from my new photo album at left, I got a new vehicle. i’m pretty stoked about it – it’s a hybrid SUV..made by saturn. loads of features and decent on price. I figured my old car to be cursed, and it was about to be paid off anyways, so it was an optimal time to ensure I can keep making another 5 years of payments to good ol’ GM. I was especially excited this morning to hear that I am eligible for the $1000 green vehicle rebate they are promising in the federal budget (that was just released yesterday)…

now there’s a rebate check I will happily send away for!

part of the decision to buy a new vehicle vs. holding off came at the surprise of a letter from human resources on my desk the day after we got back from the dominican republic. long story short – I got a bigger raise than I expected. Since I will be making a little more green I won’t have to worry so much about the chunk of my cheque that goes to car payments.

my income tax is already done and my refund was already through my bank account. With tax prep software nowadays I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t get done early (unless you’re owing the government, of course). I decided to pester jellybean last weekend about hers. She grumbled about all the paperwork she had to find, all calculations she had to do, and tried to continue procrastinating. Finally she gave in, and proceeded to finish and file her taxes in 15 minutes with a big refund coming to her. her outlook on doing taxes and her demeanor had changed very suddenly.. LOL. that’s my baby..she can switch emotions on a dime.

anyways, I should probably go poop. or work..whichever comes first.