we made it home safe from the Dominican. we had a great time – I actually wish we were there for another week. we never did run out of things to do – in fact, we agreed we didn’t have enough time to just relax and let the sun beat down on us.

in total, we went for 2 different snorkeling tours, 1 scuba dive, an ATV ‘adventure’, and saw a las vegas-esque show. the first snorkeling trip we made was on a split level tour boat with bar service. We got to swim with sting rays and nurse sharks, and it was very cool being under water with the bigger fish. I really enjoyed our dive too..more air capacity to chase the little fish around..which I could’ve done all day. the only thing that was crappy about being in the ocean was the constant waves and current tossing you around. Oh, and the taste..I don’t know how many times I had to spit that damn salty crap out.

we actually did very little partying – even though we could have unlimited girly fru fru umbrella drinks 24/7 – and there were bars every 25 feet. We did have a constant flow of alcohol in our blood streams though, but just had too much going on during the days to get plastered..and with all the fresh air and activity outside from 7am on, our nights usually ended at 9pm – we were totally played out by sundown most days.

the weather was great the whole trip – +29 on average..we must’ve went through a good half liter of sunscreen trying not to burn.(even after fake baking for a month) Especially during the afternoons – we still got a couple burns from lounging at the beach or pool and not being in the shade. HOT. yes, there were a few topless ladies on those beaches – joanne even dropped her top the last couple days.

one of the things I will miss the most are walks with jellybean along the beach – during the day or night…it was an unbelievable feeling to have over 15km of soft white sand ahead of you with warm water lapping at your feet and palm trees swishing in the wind. paradise!

the only real downside to the trip was coming home..it’s a 6 hour flight normally – but we were cooped up in the plane for 12 hours. there was a delay before the flight left, plus 2 stops to pick up people from jamaica, drop off people at regina, and then an hour wait in saskatoon in the plane just for a gate to be open..ugh. a fellow on the flight quipped after a day of waiting he and his wife were just going to sit and wait in their driveway in their car for an hour when they got home… it was just that kind of day.

even though it’s been almost a week since we got back I still don’t have pictures up..busy busy!..soon, I promise!