so my coworker told me there I would be way too excited and that there would be no way I could sneak in a nap the night before my trip. he was right, so here I sit, writing a blog to kill time until it’s time for us to pack my car and head for the airport.

my first time in a while today I actually had to visit a school .. it’s kind of nice to see all the elementary kids out in the snow laughing and chirping.

wait, birds chirp.

well, anyways, as I was leaving the school, I was sitting at a stop sign at an intersection waiting to turn left..and car gets rocked. huh? look back and there’s a teeny and her boyfriend or whatever in this white shitbox looking flustered. I’m a little annoyed that I have to deal with this the day before vacation, so I exchange info with her fairly wordlessly after eyeing up the big black patch on my bumper.. submit my claim online at the office to book an appointment with the adjuster.

her dad calls up this evening to confirm the events and acts mad at me for having been run into. "Your bumper is scratched and cracked? Well, she didn’t tell me that! She said she barely hit you at all!"

WTF dude, the deductible is going to be the same whether the bodyshop has to paint my bumper, replace it, or snort cocaine off of it .What does it matter to you? Bah. Got me riled up. This car unfortunately has been a whore for the bodyshop the 5 years I’ve owned it (it seems to attract cars to run into it somehow..this will be it’s third bodyshop visit..)..It makes me think I should just get all the rest of it cleaned up while I’m at it and get the thing sold. but it’s almost paid off! WAAAAAH!

i think I’ll eat cereal until it’s time to wake jellybean up. bon voyage, canada!

ok yeah, I’ll be playing world of got me.