now, let’s see here. what do i need to pack for the upcoming vacation?

  • reading material & mp3 player
  • camera & memory cards
  • spare batteries for camera
  • one set of warm clothing for leaving & re-entering the arctic known as canada
  • many sets of shorts and tees for hot weather
  • swimsuits
  • passport
  • american cash
  • visa
  • sunblock
  • hat
  • travel agent’s contact info
  • several copies of airline/resort tickets
  • DON’T bring any cards in the wallet I don’t need
  • mask/snorkel/fins/wetsuit/bewties
  • diving reference letter
  • address and phone number of dive center
  • sunglasses
  • toiletries
  • pack carry-on with firecrackers, syringes, massive amounts of unknown liquids, guns, explosives, box cutters, brass knuckles, mace, corkscrew, darts, stun gun, gas torch, ice pick, meat cleaver, and a billiard cue.

did I miss anything?