well. fasheeshus.

this dude is a blast beat machine! (too bad he’s using those wee little strokes and sticks, HA)

anyways. just over a week now until sweet hot sunshiney fun. we got ourselves some sexy wetsuits and even got to try them out at the pool this sunday. they are TIGHT..takes a little grunting and twisting to get ’em on. however, they keep both the cold water out, and the extra helpings at christmas in. dual function!

we bought the wetsuits on the ‘net and saved like $50 a suit after taxes, exchange rate, AND shipping. I coulda bought them locally from our instructor, but bah..I can use that $50 on something else now. i think the older generations had a thing with customer loyalty – even if it meant paying more for lesser quality..and it’s something our generation lacks. I dunno – what does a person do?  If you show me good services and prices, I’m inclined to come back..but I still give the competition a good look the second time around anyways. why should a friendship or previous purchase guarantee a sale? I mean, as a shopkeep, things are looking better for you if you’re competitive service-wise, price-wise, and quality-wise. I would personally be worried if friendship or convenience of location is the only reason I am in business. that’s my rant on that.

speaking of the extra helpings..I had a plan to lose some of it before we got to the dom. I aimed overly high and got a little lazy, but I’ve still dropped 7lbs. it’s easy if you just keep your head in the game and stay consistent. i’ll have to see what I can do by summer. i also have the desire to go the opposite direction and see how much beef I can pack on..but I’m really liking fitting my pants right now.

now go be sexy!