work has kind of slowed down the last couple days..not to worry, of’s going to be ballistic soon enough with a new mega I’m kind of taking it easy right now ‘cuz I know things will be very different in a couple weeks..I should probably quit slacking given the fact I got a raise this month and will be getting another in march..and they’re also sending me to calgary for training..maybe somehow I should prove that I’m worth it?

my brother and his girlfriend just arrived yesterday from a week in jamaica, and it sounds like it was a big drunken humid kind of revs my daydreaming about the upcoming vacation into high gear..

and it’s now less than a month ’till we hit the dominican..ah wee! I managed to negotiate some good deals on diving so we’ll have a couple go arounds for sure if we enjoy it. supposedly the water is a little turbulent and the visibility isn’t the greatest where we are but I’m sure it won’t long as we’re not ramming into rocks headfirst I’ll bet we’ll be all googly-eyed our first time underwater. our travel agent chopped a few c-notes off our final bill (lay still, my beaten visa) ‘cuz we’re family, so that was great, too. having a good travel agent is still a better option than doing all the legwork yourself, methinks.

I decided to loose my grip on my days off and have another personal health day with will be well used doing diddly and probably squat, too.

turns out I need to add jeans to my list of things I want..i blew out a knee in my favorite pair this weekend that went from finger sized to cut off jeans sized in one day. maybe I can get those purchased tomorrow..gawd, I could use some new clothes..people must think I’m deprived or something in that I have only 6 different clothes combos that I wear in a given week. I think it’s because I buy clothes in the summer only and that leaves me with the same old garbage I’ve been wearing since college.

ah well, soon enough. life is not a race, but an experience to be savored. no need to waste worry on the little things.