since I’d rather not work on re-scripting what I should be re-scripting…

oops, an hour passed since i wrote the above. I re-scripted successfully. so, totally ignore that remark.

only a month now until hot sunny vacation. considering it was only a month ago that I was on Christmas vacation – I don’t know why the February vacation can’t get here soon enough, but that’s the case. I could take some time off from any number of banks I have time in right now – earned, time off in lieu, or parking days. but I’m being stingy..I don’t know when I may need emergency time off so I’m holding onto it with a death grip.

i want things, so I decided to do a list of them out of randomness. (want being an item that you can live without but would like to have)

  • some occasional tables and more lighting for the place. been putting this one off for a half year! go procrastinator man!
  • a house with a big yard
  • a golden retriever puppy that will run around and poop in that yard happily
  • a new computer
  • some cool scuba gear
  • laser eye surgery

this is turning out to be blogarhea, isn’t it?