i have to stop picking up new expensive hobbies. I can’t afford the gear wars!

as a computer nerd, i have the built-in responsibility to keep up with technologies at home and replace where outdated. my home computer system is dangerously near 2 years old and it’s just gotta be replaced with something flashier and much, much faster.

as a drummer..I gotta have the bling bling to keep up with my multi-thousand dollar amp brethren..loads of cymbals, drums, and flashy hardware. thankfully, with the exception of the occasional bundle of sticks, I can relax with the drum gear for a while. I’m covered.

my newest gear proposition is scuba..and it’s not cheap either. $500 here for a regulator, $200 there for a wetsuit, $750 to your right for a b.c., ..well, you get the idea. and that’s the basic stuff..you can get into fancy stuff like dive computers or dry suits…and accessories, oh my lord!

maybe I should toss all my hobbies and just collect faberge eggs…so much cheaper.

anyways. the show on the 20th was good..not quite perfect in every respect, but definitely not disastrous. there was a good crowd of over 350 people there..so we got the tunes to some new ears. There was a fine bit of mosh pitting in front of us and the people were squished against the stage 5 deep! And we sold over half of our merch! loads of good people in attendance, too..it was good to relax and have a lot of downtime to get crunk with the posse before we had to load out. on the downside, i know I goofed a couple times, and the sound guy and the sound wasn’t the best we’ve ever had, nor was our time slot. you do what ya can though. hopefully we attracted some new fans.