this is kermit dee frog reporting to you with another series of fast breaking news stories.

well, it sounds like miss USA is finally representative of her general population ‘back home’ (Kentucky). sounds like Donald Trump (somehow the owner of the pagent? huh?) is making a decision as to whether or not to take Tara Conner’s title from her after testing positive for having cocaine in her system. she’s been kicked out of trump towers after miscellaneous rumors of drug abuse, not showing at scheduled engagements as Miss USA, lewd sex acts in club bathrooms (with either gender, apparently that doesn’t matter to Tara). It sounds like she’s a super bar star trainer trash slut who used her looks to get where she is. is this who young American women are supposed to dream of becoming? better yet, in this day and age, why do these pageants even exist anymore? they’re full of canned answers and fake people pushing for their chance at publicity so they can go on and chase money in an entirely different way.

In other news, research firm Reuters has apparently written that the cultural phenomenon of blogging will level off in 2007..estimating at it’s height some 200 million blogs were actively being updated. The article I read suggests about 100 million of those will be abandoned. It’s claimed most people start and stop blogging because they believe they have something important to say, and when they’re put in the spotlight to say it, they realize they really don’t. Personally, I think a blog dies off because there’s only so much TO say per day. Most of us have a routine of sorts, and life isn’t such a daily changing adventure for us that we need to report on it.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was, though?

Christmas is nigh.. and consumerism is rampant. I read recently that several worker’s unions in retail are considering putting rules in place regarding Christmas music. Apparently, there is a swell in employee complaints about the music driving them to distraction and beyond. Some of the employees interviewed claimed their employers were leaving a small set of CDs of Christmas music on repeat, non-stop, for as long as two months before Christmas, and several weeks after. I don’t know about you, but to me, if it’s Burl Ives Christmas or Slayer’s Seasons in The Abyss, after over two months of hearing the same disc 8 hours a day – I’d probably be a little irritated, too.

At the same time, it would be funny to find one of those employees and chase them around after work Tom Green style with a boombox blaring the same music playing in their department stores.