wowzers. yeah, it’s been a while. mostly because life has been good and busy and somewhat the same the last few months.

Chuck Norris has two speeds:
walk and kill.

lots of great little things here and there though. it’s been a very good year and even a very good month. jellybean and I finished
our alpha course. I still have a lot of questions and things I’m not sure of..but it was a good start.

we still have two classes to go in our scuba course. I’ll miss this extra curricular the most..well, the pool portion of it. the weightless feeling in the water is so awesome. last Sunday’s class we were doing headstands at the bottom of the pool (our instructor had his arms folded and looked like a vampire) and practicing other neat things like dropping our equipment and getting it all back on – and sharing one regulator (the thing you breath out of) between two people. I am hoping we get a chance to do some diving in the Dominican..but it may be out of our price range all other costs considered.

we went out and bought a package each of snorkel/fin/mask/booties.. it sure is an expensive hobby. we could probably spend another $2000 each easily on wetsuit(s), regulator, gauges, gloves, and on and on. it’d be cool to have all those things..but I think we’ll be renting for now.

the Dominican trip is coming up fast..2 months away. There’s been a couple of those -30 days with a strong wind out here on the prairies that makes me wish I’d booked earlier. tomorrow we’re going to the clinic to get our twinrix hepatitis shots. Anyone who knows me and my own personal dislike of needles knows it’s not voluntarily. My mom sees all their damned commercials on TV and I swear she’d be hanging from my leg at the airport and physically would try to stop me from leaving if I didn’t get them. it’s a good thing I still listen to Mom.

jellybean was in the xmas mood starting a week ago..sweetly singing – "People laughing, children crashing…." not sure that’s how it goes – but it was funny! we’ve got our tree up already, and it’s well lit (250+ led bulbs) just doesn’t have any decorations on it. it looks nice though, hehe. I’m hoping to take the day off tomorrow to solve that as well as gripe and complain about how much my (insert appropriate bodypart) hurts after getting my vaccination. It sounds like this Christmas will be my first traveling Christmas – we’re probably headed out to Winter-peg..woo..tropical!

ack..these things take too long to do. i must get back at it. merry Christmas to all of you.